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Name: Layla Williams Codename: ~Hippie Earth Mother~
Alias: Layla Williams
Character Profile

Name: Layla Williams
Nickname: Hippie Earth Mother
Gender: Female
Age and date of birth: 24 September 1989, 20
Species: Super-powered human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Fandom: Sky High
PB: Danielle Panabaker

Powers- Florakinesis AKA
From Activating Evolution
Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis is the Anomalous ability to mentally manipulate wood, plants and flowers. Using this ability, one could grow plants to enormous proportions nearly any environment, and use them as weapons that can grab and attack with vines and roots (or release neurotoxins and pheromones), which quickly regenerate at the user’s will. Sometimes people can even control plants in their concentrated form, like clothes, paper and money.

She is so powerful, she can grow an entire rain forest in her living room.

Best Friends: Will Stronghold, Magenta, Warren Peace.

Worst Enemy: Sue Tenney AKA Gwen Greyson AKA Royal Pain

Team Mates/Work for the Mayor of Maxville: Will Stronghold- All American Kid, Warren Peace- Hot-Head, Layla Williams- Hippie Earth Mother, Magenta-Stripy, Zach- Zach Attack, Ethan-Popsicle.

Team Associates: Steve Stronghold- The Commander, Josie Stronghold- Jetstream, Ron Wilson- Bus-driver.

1. Your Name or Preferred Name:
2. Your AIM: Only have limited access to AIM and aol, share a comp. It is velvetcrush69
3. Your E-mail: PM me and ask.
4. InsaneJournal for Character: laylawilliams
5. Link to Picture for Character Page (must be at least 200x200px): Photobucket
6. What are you looking for in an RPG? Fun, action, fluff, constancy, people to work off of and along with.
7. How long have you been RPing? 15 years, offline and online.
8. Birthday: For the birthday list! Age and year not necessary. June 26th.

1. Name: Layla Williams
2. Nickname(s): Lay, Hippie-chick, Earthchild, Earth mother, Hippiechild.
3. Gender: Female
4. Age and date of birth: 19 September 1989/20
5. Species: Super powered human
6. Sexuality: Bisexual
7. Fandom: Sky High
8. PB: Danielle Panabaker
9. From what time in canon is your character from? Point in canon: Layla is 18 going on 19 years old now. She is in a college down in North Carolina. Gilmore College-studying Botany and Agriculture. Taking classes on the side in Aromatherapy, Ayuerveda (Indian Medicine), Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Natural Medicines. She is a freshman, going on being a sophomore. She is on the school's swim team as well. She takes yoga and Pilates, she rock climbs and takes Survivalists holidays with her mother and family when she has time. She had to leave Maxville because things with Will had not worked out, he decided to go with the Stronghold Three, leaving Layla feeling bad. She decided a college out of state would be her best bet. She travels home for holidays, if she can, and when there is team business to take care of under the Commander and JetStream. That is if she is needed
10.Complete Character Description: (including but not limited to: distinguishing marks, height, weight, hair and eye color, clothing worn, etc) Long, Red hair. Full lips, pale skin, amber eyes that are almond shaped, heart-shaped face, 5'6, slim-athletic. Dresses in comfortable, hippy style clothing.
11. Personality: She is an intensely powerful Florakinetic/ Florakinesis AKA
Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis. Layla can speak to plants of any kind, she can make plants grow from the ground all but a lemon, she can manipulate flora/fauna to any size and density. She is a pacifist (unless she is put to the test and then will answer with her powers in a non-damaging way) and a vegan (Her mother, who she loves and adores can speak to all animals). She loves Will Stronghold, Magenta, Zach, Ethan and Warren Peace, her best friends. She doesn't believe in labels and wants everyone to get along and live peacefully, she is considered a radical liberal. She is quirky, fun loving, bright, bouncy, looks for the best in a situation. She will fight when the time calls for it, she doesn't like to answer to anyone because she thinks the system is flawed. She will especially fight tooth and nail for her friends, make friends with the people out in the rim.
12. Background: Layla Williams mother, like her, had powers. Hers were the ability to speak to animals. This ability made Layla and her mother realize that animals do not like to be eaten and therefore they were vegans. They also decided that because of this ability they would save mankind, womankind, animal kind and the rain forest. Will and Layla were so tight growing up that they both wanted nothing more then to graduate Sky High and rescue the world.

Layla Williams and Will Stronghold were best friends since first grade. Layla was able to control her ability of speaking and manipulating plants at a very early age. This ability was found out after Layla was able to keep Lima bean alive and strong, while Wills Lima bean was dying. Layla took pity on Will and told him at this early age what she could do and how she could do it, making them best friends. Will Stronghold, however, was not able to control his powers of flight and super strength/vitality-regeneration, not until his first days of attendance at the super hero high school called Sky High. They were both placed in the Sidekicks track, because Layla did not believe in labels and Will had not powered up yet. Will displayed his very first power of super strength when a fight with his then arch nemesis, Warren Peace broke out in the cafeteria and with all the destruction of school property through throwing bodies through walls and throwing fire bombs all over and setting the place on fire. Because of this little fight they both got sent to detention where Warren declared his hate for Will because of what Wills father had done to Warrens father. The principal kindly set them straight by pointing out that they should neither live up to or live down their fathers reputations. This comment began to set them on track and eventually they become best friends.

See, everyone knew that Will's father, the Commander, put Warren's father, Baron Battle, in a meta-human prison for the rest of his lives. If he wanted to see parole it would not be until his third lifetime. This situation made Will's days at Sky High shaky at best until he gained his powers and he was then everyone's best friend. Will and Warren were challenged by Lash and Speed to play 'Save the Citizen,' which they won and it was a very prestigious thing to have won and because Will was only a Freshman and the Commanders son, it made it all the more sweet for Will. He caught the interest of the hottest girl at Sky High who was also their arch nemesis called Royal Pain, she did not like Layla and did her best to make Layla's life miserable and she succeeded. Will became a jerk, leaving behind Layla, Magenta, Zach, Ethan and the newly friended, Warren Peace.

Back track a little... Later the next day, after the cafeteria brawl, Will was sent to the Hero track leaving his best friend, Layla and all of his Sidekick pals in the proverbial dust. He got a big and very jerky attitude forcing Layla's hand to de-friend him and befriend his arch nemesis, Warren Peace. Warren actually treated her like a person when she met him at the Paper Lantern, which was her favorite restaurant. The day that Will had acted like a jerk was the same day he decided to make it up to Layla and he had told her that he planned to take her out that evening and make things up to her by taking her to her favorite restaurant. When Will didn't show up Layla got very sad, making a flower wilt. She waited all evening long and she was very sad to boot, that was until Warren came over to ask if she would like her food warmed up, she pointed out that they knew one another from school and they got to talking and became friends, much to Warren chagrin and even though he knew she was Will's friend. He was very supportive and got her to admit a few things. He became a very good friend and very fast. Later on, Layla would use this fact to make Will jealous. She pretended that Warren asked her to the dance when Will had stood her up for Gwen. She was about to admit her feelings by giving Will a fortune cookie. He demolished the cookie and then Layla's heart by telling her he was going with Gwen. She then told him she was going to and with Warren. This upset Will mightily and he pointed out that it was his arch nemesis and when did they become friends? She pointed out the night before when he had in fact stood her up. She later told Warren, who thought it was because she liked him and all of her friends were there. When he realized it was to get back at Will he agreed to go, but not in a tux. He later did show up, in a tux and his attitude toward her seemed to be that he did indeed like her. Will was at home, eating the crow all of his jerky actions had fed him. Layla choose Will later on that night when things went to hell. Warren looked crushed. They became friends anyway.

After Gwen tricked Will into throwing a party at his home while his parents were out saving the world for 2 hours. Layla came over to talk to Will as a last ditch resort. Instead, Penny and Gwen treated her poorly. She took off in tears, Will broke up with Gwen in that instant and tried to get in touch with Layla, who was ignoring him. Will went to her favorite restaurant where Warren worked (the same restaurant that Layla met Warren in a few nights earlier), Warren set Will straight and the next night Layla's plan to make Will jealous worked when Warren showed up, in a tux no less, to the Homecoming dance. Gwen Greyson showed her true colors that evening as well...When the Sidekicks team, the Commander and Jetstream, as well as the whole school found out that Will's love interest was actually Royal Pain, an arch nemesis of Will's parents from their first days of being super heroes. She turned almost everyone into babies after she reclaimed the Pacifier, the gun that Will's parents took from her when they defeated R.P. the first time. The same gun Gwen reclaimed when she deceived Will and forced that school party on him. Her and her minions set him and Layla up in such a way that they did not see it coming until it was too late. Gwen's actions forced Layla, Warren and the gang into hiding that evening, crawling through an air-duct so that they could come back to save the day and the school. Will showed up later on, with the help of Ron Wilson-Bus-Driver, when Will realized that Gwen AKA Sue Tenney AKA Royal Pain had indeed stole the Pacifier back from the Stronghold's during the party set up and what she sort of planned to do to everyone that evening. The Sidekick team was already up to snuff on the situation so they told Will, in a very snide tone, what he already knew and didn't know...then all heck broke lose. Warren seemed very protective of Layla and Will finally kissed her and told her his feelings before confronting Royal Pain. There was much chaos and Will's team won with the help of Ron Wilson. So, baby Mr. Medulla managed to change the gun back in order to make everyone adults again. The team defeated the bad guys and sent them to the same meta-human prison they sent Baron Battle too. Layla also showed her powers that evening after being punched in the face by Penny and all her multiples. See, Layla refused to show her powers to Coach Boomer because she felt the tests and the manner to which they were doing things were antiquated and very outdated kind of system. Boomer made her into a Sidekick because she had refused to show him what she could do. Plus, she didn't like to use her powers for violence. When Penny hit her, her fiery nature showed up and she showed her powers They were revealed to be pretty intense powers Florakinesis AKA
Agrokinesis or Phyllokinesis.

To clarify: The group had to come together and work as a team, with the help of their bus driver, the son of two Super Heroes himself who never gained any powers. The group rescued all the babies, defeated Royal Pain, stopped the High School from blowing up by having Magenta shapeshift into her Guinea Pig form and thus the anti gravity device was destroyed. The Sidekicks were now recognized for what they really are, Heroes. The Commander and JetStream, Will's parents, even saw the error of their ways with their labeling and congratulated them as heroes before leaving Will, Layla and the team to finish cleaning up and enjoy the rest of their evening at the dance. Will and Layla finally got together, Warren seemed truly upset that he lost Layla until 'Freeze Girl' and he hit it off and the group of heroes lived happily ever after...Well until High School was over and they went out into the world, being Super Heroes, being themselves and being friends.
13. Weaknesses: Layla's greatest weakness are her feelings, Will Stronghold. She refuses to use her powers for violence. She believes there is good in everyone and that she does not need to fight for her causes. Sometimes you can't help but get physically and mentally involved in a situation to keep the peace. Being a pacifist, which she is, does not mean never fighting, it means fighting for the things that you love and care for the most. Means getting your hands dirty and doing what needs to be done and hopefully with no casualties. She can be a bit naive and gives people too much and never takes for herself until she is left vulnerable and hurting.
14. Strengths: Layla's greatest strength are her feelings, Layla can control plants, roots and flowers, she can turn them into weapons or use them to help people. She can grow an entire rain forest in her home, all but a lemon. She is staunch in her beliefs, does not care about a persons place in society. She will make friends with people because she sees the good in them. She is super supportive, caring, nurturing, love and cares about the earth. Meaning humankind, animalkind and the rainforest. She is a starry eyed dreamer, who believes in peace, love and understanding. She likes to challenge the system and it's antiquated laws, policies and anything that might segregate people
15. Likes: Music, chick flicks, Chinese food, all books, all kinds of movies and especially horror films because they make her squee and hide, drawing, playing the guitar, swimming, saving the planet, supporting her friends, fruit salad, challenging the system: it's antiquated laws, policies and anything that might segregate people. Also: Aromatherapy, Ayuerveda (Indian Medicine), Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Natural Medicines. Yoga, Pilates, Rock Climbing and Survivalists holidays with her mother and family.
16. Dislikes: Meat and dairy products, anything that hurts animals, using animal byproducts, mean people, violence, bullies, Gwen Greyson, the system: it's antiquated laws, policies and segregation
17. Talents and Hobbies: Swimming, Drawing, Cooking, Playing Guitar, Reading, Her computer, her garden, helping her mother take care of all kinds of animals
18. Family and Friends: (can be inside or outside of Mirage)
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Williams (Parents) (Mother has superpower of talking to animals.)
Friends: Warren Peace, Will Stronghold, Ethan, Magenta, Zach

19.Powers/Abilities: Fandom characters, please explain your characters power(s) and/or abilities, and keep these points in mind: (a) since this is just a little Texas town in a universe where such things aren't usual, you might want to keep it (power(s) and/or abilities) on the down-low, and (2) they (power(s) and/or abilities) won't work against whatever lives in the Wasteland.:
Layla can speak to, control, manipulate and call forth any and all plant life, but a lemon and she doesn't know why. Probably, because she doesn't have a sour bone in her body.
Occupation/s: Florist, Botanist, Teacher, Superhero/Sidekick.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Yes, of course I am. I am afraid of the super villains that live in the dark.
Are You Afraid of What Might be IN the Dark?: Heck yes, I am!
Character Summary for Character List: A Fun loving, peace seeking, life lover. Who sees the good in just about everything and everyone. Upbeat, supportive, caring, considerate and genuine. Unless, you hurt her friends and those you hold dear, including herself. Then it's on!
20. Character's Room #:
21. Outside link to character information (i.e. Wikipedia, Fan Site, etc.):http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_High_(2005_film)
22. Wanted Characters, or characters you would like to see in the game: Warren Peace, Will Stronghold, Magenta


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